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Here you can find our latest products even before they are mentioned on our official website. 

WE 814A Chimera Left Hand

After our release of the Chimera 814, the bronze variety was sold out in a few days. Besides getting a lot of requests to do another run of this one, we also received a lot of requests to do a left hand version. And now it is available. But please, be aware, we only have a limited number available. So if you want one, act quickly. MSRP on the Chimera LH is $298,-. Prices might vary depending the region where you are located because of local taxes, import duties and so on.

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WE 906 Arrakis

And another Isham design, the 906 Arrakis. From a distance it looks like the first Isham design, the Eschaton, but a closer look reveals the differences. Probably the Arrakis will appeal to those who liked the Eschaton but doubted about functionality. The Arrakis is designed with function in mind. So kind of a hybrid of fantasy knife and completely functional. We expect this one to be sold out very quickly as all the other Isham designs did.

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WE 909 Syncro

Another high end integral offering to be announced, the 909 Syncro. This Kwaiken styled big folder, with a frame milled out of one piece of solid titanium, is a real hard user which will appeal to those who really want something special and can afford to spend a few bucks. The Syncro will not disappoint you. Available in 3 color varieties, the MSRP on the Syncro is $348,-. Prices might vary depending the region where you are located because of local taxes, import duties and so on.

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Civivi C802DS Naja

Our second Civivi design the Naja was introduced during the summer of 2018. Now we come with a special execution of this budget friendly beast, the Naja DS. Still very affordable, this one has a spectacular Damascus blade which makes it very suitable to show off to your friends or to carry something special, without the need to spend a lot of money. MSRP on the Naja DS is $105,-. Prices might vary depending the region where you are located because of local taxes, import duties and so on. More info link will be updated soon.

WE 910 037

The WE Knife 910/037 is the result of 4 years of development in collaboration with the young talented Kellen Bogardus. The frame parts are hold together with a special tab locked construction which makes it extremely strong. It is a big folding framelock, but for its size very lightweight. Full titanium frame, titanium hardware, ceramic bearings and a M390 blade. MSRP on the 037 is $328,-. Prices might vary depending the region where you are located because of local taxes, import duties and so on. More info .....

Civivi C904 Plethiros

The second Isham design in our Civivi offerings, the Plethiros. With the, for Isham designs, typical "Edge below Frame" style which makes it very ergonomical. The Plethiros comes with Carbon Fiber laminated scales, ball bearings and a D2 blade. The 3.7 oz. combined with an overall length of 7.9" makes this the ultimate every day carry tool for fans of premium budget knives. MSRP on the Plethiros is $88,-. Prices might vary depending the region where you are located because of local taxes, import duties and so on. More info will be updated soon.

WE 911 Malice

Already used to team up (Massdrop designs as well as one of FF's own projects), it was a no brainer for the brothers Williamson to join forces with WE Knife. The result the Malice: A broad, sweeping droppoint maximizing cutting performance and very recongnizable as typical FF design, manufactured with the precision of WE Knife Co. MSRP on the Malice is $323,-/$333,- depending the variety. Prices might vary depending the region where you are located because of local taxes, import duties and so on. More info link ....

WE 907 Nerv

With the WE 907 Nerv we think we suit the needs of EDC users/collectors who are not only into knives. The Nerv is a Balisong design so you can practice your skills and impress your friends. But in stead of being dangerous and frightning, when you pull it out, do your tricks, a comb will appear. Fully functional (if you have hair of course!) and super lightweight (completely made from 6ALV4 titanium). Supersmooth also because it pivots on ceramic bearings. It's time to impress!

Available in 2 varieties.

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We Knife participates in many events and exhibits knife shows all over the world. Here you can find our schedule for the coming months.

2019 April 13th


We will be at DKE with Civivi and WE Knife
2019 May 18 & 19

Festival international du couteau d’Art et de tradition Thiers

The largest knife festival of the world in "la douche France".
2019 June 7-9

Blade Show 2019

The largest knifeshow worldwide. You can find us at booth #731.


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Warrior Magazine x WE Knife Co. = True Warrior

Warriors Magazine has started a campain to release a special variety of the WE Knife 812 Ferox! Especially for their readers they bring a laser engraved edition of the Ferox. The campain starts by publishing a video interview with the designer Gudy van Poppel and will be followed with a give away.

Read more on warriors magazine.... or watch on video....

Warrior Magazine Subscription Discount

Since WE is advertising in this magazine, WE can offer our followers a discountcode for subscribing this magazine.

Warriors Magazine is a bimonthly digital magazine that seeks out the greatest warriors, their tactics and tools and the companies that make them so you, the everyday warrior, can have the best chance of NOT becoming a victim in a dangerous world. Claim 10% off your annual subscription discount code: WEKNIVES10.

Click here to go to the purchase page where you can enter the code, purchase and immediately access ALL Back Issues and 6 more Kickass Issues coming in 2019!

WE Knife supports AKTI!

AKTI as advocating organisation for the knife industry and community is important in many aspects. Like education, setting standards for the industry, legislation and so on. WE Knife thinks it is very important to support this organisation.

"We are pleased to have WE Knife, a manufacturer of knives and tools in Guangdong, China, join the American Knife & Tool Institute," said Jan Billeb, AKTI Executive Director. "As the organization advocating for the entire knife community, we welcome their membership and support of our efforts to promote knives as the valuable tools they are in daily life."

More info .....

Italian designer Alessandra de Santis teams up with WE Knife

Alessandra De Santis, knife enthusiast as long as she can remember, has started collecting knives since she was 14 years old. Her passion for knives led her to become author of technical reviews on production knives since 2012; she collaborates with Italian specialist magazines and owns the Ultimate Knives & Gear website.
Alessandra's knowledge about steels and materials comes from her university studies (she has a degree in Industrial Chemistry, and a Master degree in Industrial Chemistry of polymeric materials). Alessandra is also a practitioner of FMA (Filipino Martial Arts) and she’s passionate about firearms and has the qualification for the construction, repair and sale of firearms, and the collector's license for cold weapons and ancient weapons.
Alessandra, after having gained years of experience in testing and reviewing knives, started designing knives as a hobby in 2015, when she has drawn her first fixed blade knife, the Hecate, produced only in a limited quantity, in 2018 by Hydra Armaments, an Italian company that produces firearms devices for sporting, hunting and tactical uses.
Shortly after, she undertook the collaboration with WE Knife Co. for the production of the folding version of the Hecate knife. Quote: "I feel very lucky for having the opportunity to collaborate with WE Knife Co, an extremely professional Company that produces high quality knives".


Because of the many developments, new designs & innovations, you can find articles on WE Knife products/developments frequently in all kinds of media/magazines. Here we will keep you updated with the latest articles. 

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We Knife Co. Double Helix Showcases New Lock - by KNIFE NEWS

WE Knife is releasing the Double Helix, a knife featuring its new, patented Sliderlock mechanism. The Double Helix will hit the shelves alongside the Chimera....

More info: www.knifenews.com

We Knife Co. Breaks into Slipjoints - by KNIFE NEWS

WE Knife Co. continues to be a manufacturing juggernaut and is currently prepping its first slipjoint release. Additionally, two new folders have recently dropped as the company continues to shapes identity in the eyes of the community.

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Introducing the Wasabi - by UKG

Collaborating with Rafal Brzeski of BRR Knives, a production version of his custom Wasabi is born. The result is a full sized sleek and slick gentleman's knife with wharncliff styled blade.

More info: www.ultimateknivesandgear.com

Ferox WE Knife - by UKG

Gudy Van Poppel (POPL-custom)  is a bladesmith whose skills are recognized internationally. He started many collaborations over the years, and among them the one with the Chinese company WE Knife for the production of his Ferox model.

Read more: www.ultimateknivesandgear.com



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