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Here you can find our latest products even before they are mentioned on our official website. 

WE 901 Deacon

Now available for our dealers to order, the WE Knife Deacon # 901. A very classy and elegant framelock design suitable for the Gentleman. With an overall length of 7.35" the Deacon is a good choice for almost every event. MSRP on the Deacon will be $298,-. 

Link for more info will be updated very soon!

WE 819 Drakon

The new flagship among our integrals is the WE 819 Drakon. This hard to produce integral combines several properties our customers valued in previous designs like our best seller the 604, the 606 and 702. Though fullsized, not so long as the 702, the blade is only 3.45" long. Surprisingly light weight for an integral with only 3.8oz. The absolute high light is of course the milling on the frame. Available in 4 varieties, the MSRP of the Drakon will be $375,-.

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WE 902 Gentry

Well here it is, the first slipjoint available now for our dealers to order, the #902 Gentry. A very classy slipjoint made with the finest materials like Carbon Fiber & Titanium. Also very capable with an overall length of 7.8". The MSRP will be $221,-.

The More Info link will be updated very soon.

Civivi C806 Shard

Civivi announces the release of the C806 Shard, the 6th release of Civivi since its start mid 2018. The Shard is a small cutting tool meant for daily use and eay to carry. Because of the design the Shard is suitable for offie environments as well as for carrying in sportswear. Made with an high grade of G10 and Carbon Fibre overlay, ceramic bearings andD2 bladesteel which maintains its edge for a long time, this is a high value package with an MSRP of $ 80,-

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WE Kitchen Lifestyle: WK01 Gyuto chef's knife

WE introduce to you our new series of WE Kitchen Lifestyle knives the first one being a Gyuto chef's knife. Suitable for meat, fish, poultry and other tasks in the kitchen. With 67 layers of Damascus, this one has it all for the demanding chef. Coming in two variations, MSRP of the Gyuto chef's knife is $180,-.

WE 821 Pleroma

Still looking for a Christmass gift for someone you love? (Maybe for yourself?) The WE 821 Pleroma is the result of another collaboration with Elijah Isham. A cute integral with a lot of design elements, but usable as well. And very carryable also. It only weights 2.61oz and the overall length is only 6.94". This little one is really a spectacular eye catcher when you use it in your office to open mail or packages, or carry it as pocket juwelry. The MSRP will be $350,-.

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WE 820 Roxy

Many people have been waiting on this one! The collaboration with Todd Knife & Tool, resulting in the WE 820 Roxy. The Roxy is a sturdy hard use, but small, cutting tool for those who like small blades with high end specs like ceramic bearings, m390 bladesteel and so on.

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WE 818 Streak

Another high value package is the WE 818 Streak, produced with steel liners, titanium hardware/clip, ceramic bearings and M390 bladesteel. With a blade lenght of 3.45" and a weight of 3.8oz. this one is suitable for the very demanding user of edc'able cutting tools emphasizing performance and usabillity. With an MSRP of $170,- this will be one of the best valued packages of 2019 we think. 

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WE Tactical Pen TP-03

Loooking for a classy pen made with high end materials and suitable as pocket or desk juwelry? Do not look any further. The new WE TP-03 Tactical Pen is the one you were waiting for. Milled out of 6AL4V Titanium, with a weight of 1.2oz, this pen will meet the high demands of every user. Available in 3 varieties, the MSRP will be $78,-.

More info!


We Knife participates in many events and exhibits knife shows all over the world. Here you can find our schedule for the coming months.

2018 October 5-7

Bladeshow West

You can find us at booth 8-13 on this Largest Knifeshow in the North West of the USA. WE will bring exciting new products and some hot prototypes!
2019 Januari 22-25

NSSF Shot Show 2019

You can find us at booth # N249 on this largest Weapon Trade Show in the USA.
2019 March 8-11

IWA 2019

You can find us at booth # on this largest Outdoor Show in Europe.


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WE Knife Double Helix Most Innovative Design 2018

Grateful and proud. Readers of Knifenews voted the Double Helix as Most Innovative Knife 2018.

This recognition out of the community means a lot to us. Together with the Best Budget Knife Award, voted by the same readers, and the Awards we won during Bladehow West (Best Folding Knife & Best Production Knife) this means both industry and community value our company very much. It also means we are on the right track with production development, our fit & finish and designs. And this is not all. In 2019 we will surpise the industry & community with more innovations, we promise!

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Warrior Magazine Subscription Discount

Since WE is advertising in this magazine, WE can offer our followers a discountcode for subscribing this magazine.

Warriors Magazine is a bimonthly digital magazine that seeks out the greatest warriors, their tactics and tools and the companies that make them so you, the everyday warrior, can have the best chance of NOT becoming a victim in a dangerous world. Claim 10% off your annual subscription discount code: WEKNIVES10.

Click here to go to the purchase page where you can enter the code, purchase and immediately access ALL Back Issues and 6 more Kickass Issues coming in 2019!

WE Knife supports AKTI!

AKTI as advocating organisation for the knife industry and community is important in many aspects. Like education, setting standards for the industry, legislation and so on. WE Knife thinks it is very important to support this organisation.

"We are pleased to have WE Knife, a manufacturer of knives and tools in Guangdong, China, join the American Knife & Tool Institute," said Jan Billeb, AKTI Executive Director. "As the organization advocating for the entire knife community, we welcome their membership and support of our efforts to promote knives as the valuable tools they are in daily life."

More info .....

Civivi Baklash Best Budget Folder

Quote from Knifenews:

"We are pleased to announce that the Civivi Baklash is the KnifeNews Readers’ Choice for Best New Value Folder 2018 (MSRP of $100 or less). WE’s new budget offering took first place over other well-regarded 2018 models including the Buck 110/112 LT models, KA-BAR Jarosz Flipper, Kizer Domin, and Steel Will Modus."

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Because of the many developments, new designs & innovations, you can find articles on WE Knife products/developments frequently in all kinds of media/magazines. Here we will keep you updated with the latest articles. 

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We Knife Co. Double Helix Showcases New Lock - by KNIFE NEWS

WE Knife is releasing the Double Helix, a knife featuring its new, patented Sliderlock mechanism. The Double Helix will hit the shelves alongside the Chimera....

More info: www.knifenews.com

We Knife Co. Breaks into Slipjoints - by KNIFE NEWS

WE Knife Co. continues to be a manufacturing juggernaut and is currently prepping its first slipjoint release. Additionally, two new folders have recently dropped as the company continues to shapes identity in the eyes of the community.

Read more: www.knifenews.com

Introducing the Wasabi - by UKG

Collaborating with Rafal Brzeski of BRR Knives, a production version of his custom Wasabi is born. The result is a full sized sleek and slick gentleman's knife with wharncliff styled blade.

More info: www.ultimateknivesandgear.com

Ferox WE Knife - by UKG

Gudy Van Poppel (POPL-custom)  is a bladesmith whose skills are recognized internationally. He started many collaborations over the years, and among them the one with the Chinese company WE Knife for the production of his Ferox model.

Read more: www.ultimateknivesandgear.com



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