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Here you can find our latest products even before they are mentioned on our official website. 

WE 814 Chimera

Packed with a ton of details, the Chimera is designed as tactical every day carry knife for both collector and high demaning user. Its characteristics make it very ergnomic and very carryable. THe frame is made of 6ALV4 titanium, the blade of S35VN. All hardware is titanium as well. All completed with caged ceramic bearings for smooth and fast deployment. The Chimera as companion will not let you down. The Chimera is available for our resellers to order from july 23rd 2018. MSRP on the Chimera is $298,-. Actual prices can vary based on local taxes and regulations. More info!

WE 815 Double Helix

A true novelty, demonstrating the innovative capabillities of our company, the Double Helix is our first (in house) design equipped with the Sliderlock. The Double Helix is a midsized folding knife made out of 6ALV4 Titanium for the frame, hardware and spring. The S35VN blade opens and closes very smooth and fast. The Double Helix is elegant and capable to do almost any task you can think of. Opening & closing is completely ambidextrious. MSRP on the Double Helix will be $335,-. Actual prices can vary based on local taxes and regulations. The Double Helix will be available for our resellers to order from july 23rd 2018. More info!

WE 812 Ferox

The Ferox is the result of collaborating with Dutch knifemaker Gudy van Poppel. Gudy is recognized as maker of tactical hard use knives. In his own words: "I make knives for real men. Not for pussies." A real hard use, tactical and every day carry knife, suitable for the user who like though and heavy full sized folding nives. It is made with a full titanium frame, titanium hardware & clip and a M390 bladesteel. For the action the pivot system is dressed with a caged ceramic bearing system. The Ferox is available at our resellers. Gudy himself sells a limited quantity of the Ferox as customised version. More info!

WE 813 Wasabi

Teaming up with Rafal Brzeski of BRR Knives, brought us the Wasabi. A ver slick and sleek, though full sized folding knife with a wharncliff blade of just a shy 4". The Wasabi is more a gentleman's folder, being lightweight, very smooth and a very sweet design. Still, the Wasabi is capable of all kinds of common daily tasks with a M390 blade, full ti frame and ceramic bearings. The flippertab on the Wasabi is very discrete which contributes to the gentleman's experience. The very snappy, smooth action completes this user experience. Now avaiable at our resellers. More info!


We Knife participates in many events and exhibits knife shows all over the world. Here you can find our schedule for the coming months.

2018 October 5-7

Bladeshow West

You can find us at booth # on this Largest Knifeshow in the North West of the USA.
2019 March 8-11

IWA 2019

You can find us at booth # on this largest Outdoor Show in Europe.


In this section you will find the latest news of our Company. This can be of all kind, like announcing collaborations, announcing new innovative developments, and so on. And Follow us on Instagram: 

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WE introduces the Slider Lock

It took our engineering team over 1,5 year to develop the sliderlock. This is an innovative locking system for use in folding knives. We introduced the sliderlock system in a prototype of a new design, the Double Helix. And it was received with great excitement. The locking system provides a very smooth one hand opening and closing system, based on the use of a very tough titanium spring. The spring is exposed at the outside of the frame on both sides. It is completely ambidextrious, so very convenient for both left- and right handed users.

Right now the Double Helix is in production. We expect to have the Double Helix available in the beginning if august 2018.

New budget line

Though we have a current budget series, still a lot of knifebuyers can not enjoy our high quality knives. This is why we decided to come up with a new budget line of knives & tools, called Civivi. All unique designs, so no makeovers of existing designs, the Civivi products will be made with more affordable materials, but still with the high production quality our customers are used to. For example, in stead of using steels like D2, S35VN, M390 and so on, we use 9CR18MOV or comparable steels. In stead of using titanium hardware, we will use steel hardware. This way we made it possible to produce high quality knives, with the fit & finish of more expensive knives, but still very affordable. We expect our Civivi knives to be available in the range of $50- $60. The first prototypes we showed during Bladeshow 2018 and were well received. We expect the first 3 models to be ready and available in mid august 2018. So keep yourself informed by consulting this section on a regular base.

Another European Collaboration

We are very proud to announce the collaboration with Danish knifemaker Mikkel Willumsen of Urban Tactical. Mikkel is recognised among connaisseurs as designer and maker of tactical knives with a very specific signature. Most of his designs being large, full sized folding knives, with great ergonomics. In short, no nonsense knives capable of performing whatever task you need them to do. We introduced 2 prototypes during Bladeshow 2018. And we expect to have the full production of his 2 designs available in the beginning of august 2018. Stay tuned to be informed about the availability!

Todd Knives & Tools collaborates with WE Knife Co.

Seth & Teryl Todd, two brothers, founded their company a couple of years ago in the USA. Both very involved in the knifecommunity, have their own well thought out ideas about designing an every day carry knife. Teryl, being the representative of our company for the USA since 2017, and Seth the designer of the 2 brothers. Both decided to collaborate with our company for at least 2 designs. One being the Roxy, a small wharncliff style folding knife and probably a 4" version as well. More to come in the second half of 2018. Stay tuned!


Because of the many developments, new designs & innovations, you can find articles on WE Knife products/developments frequently in all kinds of media/magazines. Here we will keep you updated with the latest articles. 

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We Knife Co. Double Helix Showcases New Lock - by KNIFE NEWS

WE Knife is releasing the Double Helix, a knife featuring its new, patented Sliderlock mechanism. The Double Helix will hit the shelves alongside the Chimera....

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We Knife Co. Breaks into Slipjoints - by KNIFE NEWS

WE Knife Co. continues to be a manufacturing juggernaut and is currently prepping its first slipjoint release. Additionally, two new folders have recently dropped as the company continues to shapes identity in the eyes of the community.

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Introducing the Wasabi - by UKG

Collaborating with Rafal Brzeski of BRR Knives, a production version of his custom Wasabi is born. The result is a full sized sleek and slick gentleman's knife with wharncliff styled blade.

More info: www.ultimateknivesandgear.com

Ferox WE Knife - by UKG

Gudy Van Poppel (POPL-custom)  is a bladesmith whose skills are recognized internationally. He started many collaborations over the years, and among them the one with the Chinese company WE Knife for the production of his Ferox model.

Read more: www.ultimateknivesandgear.com



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